Direct Consultation

Direct Consulting offers a range of contract management services to assist you in growing your organization. If you want support with anything at all, from simple invoice management to extensive government contract assistance, Direct Consulting is ready to assist you on an as-needed basis.

To ensure that your company follows government norms and regulations, Direct Consulting develops customized, simplified solutions to match your requirements.

Our Services Includes:

Assistance with contract and subcontract administration

Operations in the legal field as well as administrative assistance.

Agreements on non-disclosure and licensing conditions.

Assist in the survey, identifying, assessing, and quantifying possible risks and risk mitigation solutions to help build and execute company risk mitigation procedures and strategies.

Keep track of the efficiency of your firm.

Adapt to a legislative and technological environment that is always evolving

Provide useful information and support in streamlining business processes and procedures to help your company function more efficiently and successfully.

Maintain high ethical and professional standards by doing all transactions in a fair and unbiased manner.

Work with companies to build cost-based contracts.

Construct internal systems to guarantee timely invoicing and recovery of receivables.

When possible, outsource work, cut material costs, and minimize scrap and rework via outsourcing.

Assisting you in developing a more determined workplace culture.

You can quickly identify inefficient and unreasonable procedures and regulations.

Develop and install full systems to address organizational and procedural difficulties.